The Perfect Customer Journey

Most business owners KNOW they have opportunity slipping through the cracks,

but they don’t know what to do about it. This stops NOW!


August 16th // 1pm EDT

What You'll Learn in this Training:

We will peel back the layers of your business - to better understand where opportunities lie for

you to easily drive more customers and double the value of your existing customers today

Why do so many small

businesses just survive?

Why do some small businesses thrive?

What you can do to ensure your business thrives?


Your host

Christi Norfleet,MSOL

Owner | Founder of Confluence Business Solution

Christi is a sales and marketing expert. After 25 years in managing nonprofits, Christi launched Confluence Business Solutions with the mission to provide affordable sales and marketing automation solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Christi knows automation isn't reserved only for the largest, most sophisticated businesses. Her team make simple proven solutions for small business so they can save time and increase their revenue. She has partnered with companies all over the world, creating strategies for each business to earn money and create more time for the things business owners love.

Christi is a teacher at heart and is thrilled to share this learning with you.

What People are Saying...

"I have a small team of 3 people and we were struggling to consistently generate quality leads. After implementing what I learned about where the gaps were in my own business, we were immediately able to make changes and see results. It felt like we started doing the work of 30 people, not just us 3!"

Rachel Kane

Easily Attract More Clients and Double the Value of Your Existing Customers with

Your own Perfect Customer Journey.

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